Italian-Inscribed .925 Sterling Silver Jewelry


     It brings me joy to have created a new line of jewelry, and it is my hope that it will make you happy, too!

   Therefore, I want you to know the story behind Cento Designs; namely two different things about me that intertwine and are the reason it happened at all!

   First of all, I'm proud of my European roots: my German mother and my Italian father, strong, brave immigrants who lovingly infused my growing-up years with the culture of their homelands. I believe that knowing our roots, beginning in childhood, forges an anchor for life and deeply influences who we become.

   The Italian Children's Market was created because of my passion to help families like you nurture pride in the hearts of the children you love: pride in their Italian heritage and in learning all they can about it.

   Secondly, I am a lover of art and always have been. I can not think of a day in my entire lifetime when I was not drawing, painting, sculpting, sewing, in some way creating something or even just thinking about it . (Yes, I daydreamed a bit in class!) Over the years, I've admired art, studied art, taught art, and created art. 

   And my newest venture is a collection of pendants and bracelets inscribed in one of the most musical languages in the world. Italian!

   Whenever I hear it said that one's true wealth is the love of family and the admiration of friends, I am reminded of a story I read when I was a little girl. 

  In Cornelia's Jewel's, a humble woman of ancient Rome speaks boldly to her proud, rich friend. Drawing her two young sons close to her, she says, "Here are my jewels. They are worth more than all your gems."

   With that in mind I was inspired to create jewelry that is, and will always be, simple.  What's inscribed on each piece (in Italian) may gently whisper or it may boldly proclaim, but the message will always be clear.

   That message, simply and beautifully, is "love". 

   I hope you will enjoy Cento Designs jewelry as much as I enjoy creating it!


Isabella Centofanti

Isabella Centofanti
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