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Why an Italian Children's Market?

The idea was sparked by a little Italian bear named Giovanni.

When deciding the best way to introduce her young sons to the languages of their family, Isabella Centofanti, creator of Giovanni the Italian-Speaking Bear, drew on childhood memories: immigrant parents recounting their youth through stories laced with German and Italian phrases; German and Italian songs streaming from the stereo console; her year of school in the Abruzzese village that is her father's birthplace, followed by numerous returns to Europe beginning while yet a teenager...Such life-shaping experiences fueled Isabella's desire to open the world to her sons which led to the founding Italian Children's Market a place for fun as well as progressive exploration into the language, land, and culture of Italy.

Never forgetting that the seeds of passion for knowing her Old World ties were sown by music and loving voices around the family table, Isabella, an artist, not only creates many of the products in Italian Children's Market, but also hand-picks the books, toys, and other items that stock her shelves. You are cordially invited to browse.

Whether you choose a book, an article of clothing, a Pinocchio straight from the sawdust and paint of Geppetto's own workshop, Giovanni the Italian-Speaking Bear, or any other item, we at Italian Children's Market sincerely hope to enrich your child's life through education and an appreciation of his or her Italian Heritage.








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