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"Just wanted to let you know that I received Giovanni on Friday which was surprisingly quick! I gave him to a friend for a gift for her baby and she absolutely loves it! He is really cute!"

Thanks again

:-D (Australia)


"Hi, I am buying two more Giovanni Bears, it was a very cute gift for my 1st Grandson, now having a Granddaughter and one for a gift. Thanks for keeping our culture alive!"

~ David M.


We received my new Giovanni Bear and I am so very happy! Thank you so much for the prompt attention to our issue.

We will remember the customer service we received and will pass that on to our friends as well.

Once again, tante grazie!"

~Linda & Peter


CARI AMICI. . . . . .






 "Great educational toy – Every Italian child should have one!" ~ Johnnie  (referring to Giovanni)


 Comments from ebayers

 "*Very cute bear. Soft and fuzzy!"

"Just as cute as my first one!"

"Beautiful bear. Speaks Italian perfectly, as described. I love it and so will my son."


"Ok...gotta tell ya...this bear is the cutest !!! I'm amazed at how clear the voice is that speaks...and my 1 yr. old is fascinated, because the voice sounds like that of another child ! I'm also pretty impressed with how much he says !! Two songs (which repeat), counts to 10, and says, like, 5 or so phrases !! She goes crazy over Giovanni, and just 'loves' on him all the time !!!"~ M.Jay.

 "This toy is everything it says it is! The words are clear and easy to understand. Giovanni is a must for any child of Italian heritage or anyone who wants their child to begin to learn Italian. Most important is that the company stands behind their product. When Giovanni arrived there was a tear near the leg. I called and left a message for them to call me and my call was returned within the hour! When I explained the problem, they immediately sent me another bear so I would have it in time for the holidays and also sent me postage paid to return the bear with the tear. They were so pleasant to deal with and I even received a letter of apology for my inconvenience. Customer service like this is unheard of today. I would highly recommend them and would purchase more from them. I hope they continue to grow and prosper!" ~ M. Newlin


Giovanni is so cute. I love all of the words and phrases that he says. My parents are Italian Immigrants, and I grew up speaking Italian. This bear counts Italian, says common words in Italian (Ciao, Buon Giorno, Mi Chiamo Giovanni), and he sings songs (Giro, Giro Tondo). I am so happy with this purchase. The company's customer service was excellent. She was quick to respond to my e-mail, and I received my order a few days after ordering it (the company is in California, and I live in Ohio). Giovanni is so cute,and I am so happy with my purchase."

 ~ A. Ketchum


" A couple of weeks ago I placed an order for Giovanni the Bear, a couple of books and a couple of CD's.  Everything arrived within a few days and I couldn't be happier with the items.

Giovanni is the best!  I ordered them for my grandchildren, but my kids and I can't stop listening to him.  I ordered another today.

Thanks for your efficient service.  Love your products!"

~ Gina



"My 18 month old grandson, Giovanni Francesco, loves his "Giovanni the Bear". And every time he's here we sing together with the book and CD "Teach Me Everyday Italian". He loves it!! GRAZIE MILLE!"

~ Diane


"Giovanni is amazing! My husband & I bought him for our 8month old & we couldn't be happier with the choice. Living in Australia I expected a lengthy wait but it arrived in no time at all!!

The look, sound & choice of phrases is great, I'm so excited our lil one can learn italian this way.

Great service! Looking forward to making future purchases!"

~ Rebecca


"The Befana doll that you sent was excellent. It is an outstanding work of art. Grazie Lei."



"I received La Befana a few days ago. She is beautiful and her face is so sweet.  We have cousins in Montesclioso Italy and they showed us their Befana during video chat. Now we can show them ours.
Her outfit is also adorable.  Thanks so much."
~Roseann and Lauren



"Giovanni was a birthday gift to me in January from someone I loved with all of my heart for over 50 years. My love passed away April 11. I am so sad but glad this was my gift to remember him by."

~ Lucille


"The package arrived today, and I am very happy!  Le camicette della buona fortuna are well done and extremely beautiful!"

~Margherita (Canada)


"A few months back I ordered the Giovanni talking Bear, and an infant T-Shirt.  Yesterday,  was a baby shower I had for my daughter-in-law and son.  When they opened the Bear and I played it, everyone loved it.
We were 99% Italians at the shower.  So far today I received 4 calls or e-mail from friends who wanted your website to order the bear.
I'm sure you will be getting many orders.  The bear is adorable. Thanks for a beautiful gift for us Italians!"




We just wanted to let you know that cute and cuddly Giovanni has had a safe trip and has arrived in Melbourne, Australia. He is so cute and our little daughter Isabella has welcomed him as her new friend. She is so fascinated by him. Thank you again and best wishes from Australia."


Claudio, Alessandra and Isabella


Giovanni is a huge hit with mama and the entire household.  He sits in the rocking chair across from Mama's chair and every now and then she puts him in her lap so he can "talk" to her...in Italian.  The Italian- American Club meets here in September and she's going to take Giovanni as a guest.

~ Libby


 I ordered Giovanni on Friday, the 29th and I cannot believe he is here already- December 4th in Pennsylvania.
 That is what I call good customer service. And I am pleased with the quality of the product.
Mille grazie,
~ Lenore
I Just received my copy (The Night of La Befana)  and I couldn't wait to read it - cover to cover! The story is beautifully written and the illustration are wonderful! Thank you for a book I will share with my grandchildren. The book goes beautifully with my La Befana doll I bought last year!
~ Sue
I just received my order, and I must say that I am so pleased with it.  The Sicillian Doll is  so beautiful and the cookie cutter is marvelous, and the La Befana book brings back many memories for me.  I also appreciate that you wrap each item with such care and neatness.  I have ordered from others and they just put items in the box, but you, wrap each one perfectly.  Thank you so much and I will be collecting other dolls later.  I love your site!  Mille Grazie.
~ Sharon
I appreciate Richard Centofanti's (customer service)  prompt personal and courteous reply by phone to my request.  It is a pleasure to  talk with him and I look forward to receiving the book ordered.  Felice Anno Nuovo!
So happy to find this book (The Night of La Befana) with the story of la Befana the way my Nonni told us
 Giovanni is wonderful!  Amazing voice clarity and so soft!  Absolutely incredible quality.
 Giovanni will be the best baby present and will be loved for ever!  
Can't wait to begin my Italian Christmas shopping!  
Thank you again, you are a miracle worker.  Thank you for all the love you provide for children around the world! 
My father in law bought this bear (Giovanni) for our daughters about 4 years ago. Cutest gift!!! He sings songs that I remember as a child singing and he has that cute Topo Gigo voice. 4 years and he's still as soft as ever and his sweater is still in perfect condition. A must buy!!
~ Maria P.
I just received Giovanni as a gift from my husband. I love him. He took my eye in an ad and I fell in love. I've never had a teddy bear before and I'm 68. I can't explain my attraction but I'm so happy I have him!
~Carol C

I can't stop crying. My snow globes , one for each of my children, arrived and when I wound them up it was like hearing my beloved mother singing to me again when I was just a little girl. I hope that each year when they take out this very special memento they will remember their Nanni and me and the beautiful traditions of our Italian celebration. I have always been proud to be the daughter of Calabrian immigrants. Thank you for the helping to perpetuate the memories.


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