Regional Costume Dolls from Italy


I am so pleased to import these dolls from Italy.  They bring back so many memories!  I was ten years old when I traveled for the first time to my father's hometown of Sulmona.  

There, my father purchased for me a doll similar to the one at the far right.  I was so enthralled by her sweet face and bright Abruzzese costume that I began collecting these dolls, each in the traditional costume of a different region in Italy.  I still have my collection and am amazed at how similar these newly-imported dolls are to my own, purchased about 40 years ago!

     While no longer made of cloth, each little face with its winsome sideways glance, touches the heart just the same;  each colorful costume is just as authentically detailed.  

     I hope your little girl will feel the same fascination with these lovely dolls as I did!  They come in a gift box clearly marked Made in Italy. 

     A beautiful keepsake for a special girl; perhaps even the start of a collection all her own!  

Isabella Centofanti

Isabella Centofanti
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