Wooden "Italy" Map Puzzle
Wooden "Italy" Map Puzzle Wooden "Italy" Map Puzzle Wooden "Italy" Map Puzzle
NEW!  Puzzle features the regions of Italy!
Brightly colored puzzle shows a map of Italy and seven surrounding countries, each named in Italian.  (ex.  France =  Francia; Switzerland = Svizzera, etc.)
Children will enjoy learning the regions of Italy while assembling the puzzle.
Lively and amusing illustrations add to the fun!
Puzzle is 12 in. x 12 in.
25 pieces.  Made of boxwood.
May be assembled in the sturdy wooden tray or on any flat surface.
Picture guide included.
For children 6 years old and up.
Note:  Initially, while puzzle is still very new, children may require adult assistance when taking it apart as the pieces fit snugly together.