Let's Eat Snails! by Barbara Barcellona-Smith


Let’s Eat Snails! celebrates Italian-American culture through a story that introduces kids to its familial and culinary traditions. When Margie visits the Barcellona family home, she isn’t ready for what the Sicilian family is bringing to the table: snails! Margie embarks on a culinary adventure in harvesting, purifying, and cooking snails to find that they are, in fact, delizioso!

Savor this heartwarming tale from author Barbara Barcellona-Smith’s childhood, delightfully illustrated by the Karen Lewis. Let’s Eat Snails! recognizes our differences and shows that what sets us apart also brings us together.

About the author

Barbara Barcellona-Smith grew up on the central coast of California with her Italian father, Giuseppe Barcellona, and Puerto Rican/ Cuban/ Lebanese mother, Emily. Barbara’s ethnic household was quite unique in providing her with a lifetime supply of entertaining and valuable stories she is excited to share with young readers today. In addition to writing, Barbara is an award-winning television commercial production coordinator. She has worked as a radio promotions director and corporate marketer. She currently lives in Enterprise, Alabama. This is her first book.

Hardcover, 32 pages. 

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