Guardian Angel Prayer with Swarovski Cross-From Val Gardena, Italy


A special gift for a new birth,  Baptism, (or anyone!), this beautiful guardian angel prayer on a cross is delicately hand carved from European wood, by the 120 year old Dolfi Company located in Val Gardena, Italy (South Tyrol).

The Guardian Angel prayer comes in an attractive gift box.

Length: 5.5 "  width: 4" 

Angelo di Dio che sei il mio
Custode, illumina, custodisci,
reggi e governa me,
che ti fui affidato
dalla pietá celeste
English translation (not a literal translation)
Angel of God, 
my guardian dear
to whom His love
commits me here; ever
this day be at my side,
to light and guard 
to rule and guide


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