Galileo Galilei e la Torre di Pisa -Bilingual


- Galileo Galilei and the Pisa Tower: A bilingual picture book about the Italian astronomer

Young readers and language learners will find this bilingual book easy to read and to understand.

 A simple story is used to introduce Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei, his life, work and discoveries.

Colorful illustrations help readers understand the text and a page with additional facts is included after the story for curious minds and for school activities.

 Every page of the book is written in both Italian and English, so that the use of a dictionary is not necessary.

To help readers review the book's content, two ready-to-use activities have been included

at the end of the book.


Large print

Ages: 5+


Paperback: 26 pages 

Language: Italian - English

Book Size: 10 x 8


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