Et Tu Di Notte, Che Fai? (And What Do You Do at Night?)


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Delightful new board book “with windows” (Libri Finestrelle) tells an engaging little story in Italian! (No English

The title is a question that’s answered as the story unfolds. 

What fun it is to discover the answers behind windows!

Young children will enjoy the rhyming text on one page and the window or door to open on the next!

Et Tu Di Notte, Che Fai?  (And What Do You Do at Night?) :

The forest is dark, but Little Bear (Orsetto) doesn’t want to go to sleep! He’d rather find someone to play with.  On his search, he discovers what his animal friends do at night!

 Sample text:

Nel bosco buio c’e un orsetto

che non vuole andare a letto.

Saluta in fretta Mamma Orsa

e poi scappa via di corsa.

Di giocare non si stanca mai,

e allo scoiattolo chiede, “Che fai?”


Book is 7.75 in. x 7.75 in.

10  sturdy, fully illustrated pages.

(5 pages with rhyming text, 5 with a “window” to open!)

Text is in Italian.  No English.

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