Teddy Perde il suo Pupazzo (Teddy Loses his Toy)


Teddy Perde il suo Pupazzo  (Teddy Loses his Toy)

Teddy brings his stuffed bunny (coniglietto) named Bubu along on a shopping trip with his father. They visit the stationery store (cartoleria) and bakery (panificio) before resting on a park bench (panchina dei giardinetti).  Once home again, imagine Teddy’s sadness when he discovers he’s left Bubu behind somewhere! Who will find him?

 Sample Text:  E un bel mattino. Teddy si e gia lavato e vestito perche deve andare a fare la spesa con il papa.

The book is 8 in. x 8 in., with a padded cover.

24 pgs. (There’s a colorful picture on every page!) 

True-to-text illustrations have charming, fun-to-find details.

Text is in Italian only. No English

For ages 0-3


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