Teddy Aiuta la Mamma (Teddy helps Mamma)


Teddy Aiuta la Mamma  (Teddy helps Mamma)

Teddy wants to help Mamma with the household chores  (faccende di casa).  He enjoys handing Mamma the clothespins (mollette) and even plays a little joke (scherzo) on her!  The best part of the day is helping Mamma bake cookies (biscotti) in the shapes of a star (stella), cow (mucca), and crocodile (coccodrillo)!

 Sample text: Teddy e un orsetto molto gentile.  Oggi, per esempio, vuole aiutare la mamma a stendere il bucato.

The book is 8 in. x 8 in., with a padded cover.

24 pgs. (There’s a colorful picture on every page!) 

True-to-text illustrations have charming, fun-to-find details.

Text is in Italian only. No English

For ages 0-3

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