Agnellino, Musical Lamb

Our serene musical lamb is the perfect gift for infants and babies!
Made of soft ivory plush with tan face and hoofs, this little lamb (agnellino) gently plays the Italian lullaby, Ninna Nanna, Oh, in music box style. (Simply wind the key on its back clockwise.)
A white satin ribbon, imprinted in gold to say "Buona Notte" (Good night), forms a bow around its neck.
With eyes closed and lashes long and sweepy, our little lamb is the epitome of peaceful slumber and sweet dreams.
Comes in a cotton drawstring bag.

Lamb sits 12 in tall.
Plays Ninna Nanna, Oh in music box style. (Wind-up key is located on the back.)
Illustrated 5 in. x 7 in. card (included) holds the lyrics to Ninna Nanna, Oh, in both Italian and English.
Cotton bag with drawstring (included)
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