Italy-Opoly Board Game


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   Italy-opoly is a game celebrating Il Bel Paese, The Beautiful Country. Collect all your favourite Italian things and increase the rent by adding Piccoli Villagi (Small Towns) and trading them in for Grandi Città (Big Cities). So grab a token and play to rule The Boot! Who knows!  You may win the “Sauce Just Like Mamma’s” competition…or land on Go to Arrivederci and be tossed out of the game for three turns. Whatever happens, it’s La Dolce Vita! Advance to Andiamo and let’s go!

This is a wonderful gift idea for the entire family!

Recommended age: 8+ (English speaking)

Size of box: 15.5 x 10.5 x 2 inches


  • Monopoly Board
  • Tokens
  • Cards
  • Paper Money
  • Dice

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