Italian Card Games for All Ages


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Italian Card Games for All Ages: How to play Briscola, Scopa and many other traditional Italian card games

Italian card games are fun and a great cultural and socializing experience. 
With this book you’ll familiarize yourself with Italian cards and with some of the most popular games played today in Italy.
This handy reference will introduce both the beginner and the advanced card player to fun, century-old games, including traditional games for large groups and simple children’s games.
It includes how to play: - Briscola - Scopa - Tresette - Sette e Mezzo - Bestia - Cocincina - Faraone - Miseria - Petrangola - Scartino and some fun and simple children’s games.
Every game can be played using a standard deck of 52 cards, but if you wish to have a truly Italian experience, get a deck of regional Italian cards and have some fun!
A glossary and small Italian-English dictionary are included.
Playing cards are NOT INCLUDED.
In English
Size: 5.2 x 8 inches
114 pages
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