Teddy ha la Febbre (Teddy has a Fever)


Teddy ha la Febbre  (Teddy has a Fever)

It’s raining and Teddy has a cold.  While he likes staying home from school, he would also really like to wear his new boots (stivaletti nuovi) and jump in puddles (pozzanghere)! When Teddy sneezes (il starnuto) Mamma tells him, “Blow your nose!” (Soffiati il naso).  Teddy has a fever (febbre), but his medicine tastes like strawberries (sciroppo al gusto di fragola)! By the end of the day, Teddy feels better, and Papa brings him a surprise!

 Sample text:  Oggi, Teddy non va a scuola perché ha il raffreddore.

The books is 8 in. x 8 in., with a padded cover.

24 pgs. (There’s a colorful picture on every page!) 

True-to-text illustrations have charming, fun-to-find details.

Text is in Italian only. No English

 For ages 0-3

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