Mamma, Perché Devo Mangiare La Pappa?

In  Mamma, Perche Devo Mangiare la Pappa?  (Mamma, why must I eat my dinner?) Teddy Bear (Orsetto Teddy) asks, and Mamma explains:
You'll grow tall (grande).  You'll develop muscles (muscoli), and speed (velocita), and so much more, when you eat your dinner!
Teddy's Mamma speaks for all mammas, and all children will learn (right along with Teddy) why mealtime is important!
Rhyming text is entirely in ItalianNo English.
Simple, cheery pictures.
Smooth, sturdy pages.  Perfect for little hands to grip and explore.
12 pages.   5.5" x 5.5"
From Italy.    
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