Ciao, Sandro


Meet Sandro!
As the loyal first mate to gondolier Nicola, Sandro knows everything about his home, the beautiful city of Venice. Sandro and Nicola go everywhere together. But today, Sandro is venturing out on his own for the first time. He is on a very important secret mission!
What is Sandro up to? And what friends will he meet along the way?
This charming story from Steven Varni and Luciano Lozano follows a dog-about-town (based on a real canine!) on a journey to a heartwarming surpriseā€”teaching young readers all about Venice as he goes! Included isĀ a glossary of Italian words and a pronunciation guide.Ā 

In English (not bilingual)


For ages 4-8 years

9 x 11 inches


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