Giovanni the Italian Speaking Bear


It’s never too early for a child to know his or her heritage. And by simply holding close this cuddly bear, the adventure begins.

Press his furry paw, and Giovanni speaks, sending your child back across the Atlantic, through narrow, cobbled streets, and straight into the arms of his or her Italian grandparents and great grandparents.

Gently squeeze Giovanni’s paw, and in Italian he greets you, inviting you to respond. Join him when he counts to ten, and when he sings, “Giro, Giro, Tondo,” and “La Bella Lavanderina.”

Listen while Giovanni teaches you “goodnight” and “goodbye” with the promise of seeing you again.

Giovanni speaks only Italian and comes with a translation guide. His little voice, pure and robust, is that of an Italian child. Giovanni’s sweater bears the Italian colors, the bottom of his left foot, a miniature Italian flag.

Your ancestors passed bravely beneath the lamp held high beside the golden door. Let Giovanni reopen the door, allowing your child to gaze back, and to hear and understand the deep, rich echoes of family.

Giovanni is 12" from head to toe.  made of soft, plush material stuffed with polyester fiber fill. Comes with a translation guide.

 Important Note: The name on the shirt cannot be changed. Giovanni is the bear's name. The first words Giovanni says is "Ciao, mi chiamo Giovanni". (Hello, my name is Giovanni)

Uses 3 AA batteries (not included)

comes with translation guide - also downloadable under the video.


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