Carnevale Italiano

Carnevale Italiano - Italian Carnival:
An introduction to one of Italy's most joyful celebrations
Practice Italian while learning all about one of the oldest traditions still alive in Italy. Colorful illustrations and text in Italian and English will make learning fun for students of all ages.
Use as an introduction to Italian language and traditions, as school activity and language practice for College students and travelers'.
The book includes:
- How Carnival started
- Where the most famous shows and parades are
- What the traditional costumes look like
- How to make a delicious treat Carnival easily at home
- A map of Italy That shows the locations mentioned in the book
- Five pages of language activities
- Many colorful illustrations
- Several pages with large print suitable for young readers.
Bilingual book: Italian text with English translations.  Language level: Intermediate


Paperback, 38 pages

Ages 4-12


"The festival of Carnival is One that seems strange to outsiders, but is one That Italians hold dear." Carnival Italian: An Introduction to one of Italy's most joyful celebrations "is a kid's guide to the characters, history, food, and more that comes behind this celebration inspired the opinions more known to Americans Mardi Gras. Presented in both Italian and English, "Italian Carnival" is a strong pick for anyone who wants to teach their children a bit more of the Italian culture. "

Midwest Book Review

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