Adriano, il Cane di Pompei


 Hadrian, the Dog of Pompeii

 Written by Matthew Frederick

A delightful story of a special dog and the place he calls home. Follow Hadrian the Dog of Pompeii amid famous ruins and friendly tourists, and experience the adventure that changed his life. 

Discover more about Pompeii in the historical sections of the book and the location map. 
Suitable for all children with a love of animals, and for parents and educators seeking an entertaining way to introduce the subjects of travel, history, archeology, and geography. 

The Italian-English text on every page makes the book a fun tool for language students and teachers as well. 

Fully illustrated. Large print. Ages: 3+


One dog can bring joy to so many. "Hadrian, the Dog of Pompeii" is a bilingual book with text in both Italian and English from Matthew Frederick and illustrator Leo Latti. Telling of a curious dog that turns friend to the people and hero, "Hadrian" will prove an excellent pick for young dog lovers who want to learn English or Italian.


Pages: 32

size: 10 x 8


Italian - English

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