Wooden Carabiniere Doll

Directly from Italy from the workshop of Mastro Geppetto!


Behold the Carabiniere!
Carabinieri bring order to city streets; they are a common sight in Italy.
Ours wears the turn-of-the-century uniform: 
Dashing.  White-gloved.  White-sashed.  Impressive epaulets. 
Straight from the pages of Collodi's Pinocchio.
(It was the carabiniere who seized the runaway puppet and returned him, howling, to the waiting Geppetto.)
Like Pinocchio, he hails from the workshop of Mastro Geppetto in Italy.
Crafted of local wood and nontoxic paint, he stands 14" tall.
Straight and stalwart,
the carabiniere!
View this short video to see how Mastro Geppetto's products are made: