Nonno...Ti Voglio Bene! (Grandpa...I Love You!)


Nonno...Ti Voglio Bene! (Grandpa...I Love You!)

 Nonno Cagnone (Big Dog) teaches his eager grandchildren that their job, like his, will be to guard the sheep and protect the smaller animals on the farm.  He guides them in learning to recognize the smells of the various farm animals.  Nonno enjoys telling of exciting adventures that took place long ago when he was a young dog working on that same farm.  The youngsters love to hear Nonno's stories.

 Nonno Gorilla takes Gorillino to explore the jungle.  When Gorillino asks to swim in a large pond, Nonno warns him that in the jungle not everything is as it seems. (Nella giungla non tutto e come sembra.)  For example, what looks like a floating log in the pond is a crocodile!  Nonno also points out a large mushroom that is poisonous.  He encourages Gorillino to only eat bananas, which together they do safely and happily at the end of the story.

Each book contains two stories by acclaimed children's author Anna Casalis.  Each story begins with a little one's question (or demand!) and ends with lessons learned and mutual expressions of "Ti voglio bene." ("I love you.")

 Marco Campanella's adorable, true-to-text illustrations depict all characters as animals living at home in forest, farm, and jungle.  Children will enjoy seeing young squirrels, koalas, hedgehogs, ostriches, dogs, bears, beavers, and gorillas learning valuable lessons from their wise and patient elders!

 Board books sold separately.

5.5 in x 5.5 in

12 sturdy pages



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