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Little Bo in Italy


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Little By in Italy

The continued adventures of Bonnie Boadicea

By Julie Andrew Edwards

And Illustrated by Henry Cole

Little Bo's sailor friend, Billy, has signed on aboard Lord and Lady Goodlad's handsome yacht, Legend. Bo is delighted, for now she and Billy can see more of the world, and she can continue her quest to find news of her long-lost brothers and sisters. Bo is determined to make sure they have all found safe and happy homes—even if it takes a lifetime of travels.

In beautiful Italy, Little Bo sees wondrous sights, has adventures that test her strength and courage, and makes some surprising new discoveries. Throughout it all, she shows her valiant spirit and once again proves that even a tiny cat can make a big difference.


112 ages

Ages 4-8

8.5 x 10.25 inches

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