La Libreria
La Libreria La Libreria
Delightful board book series invites children to observe a busy day at four important places in any city or town: the supermarket, the library, the doctor's office, and the veterinarian's office!  
Written entirely in Italian with no English translation, the text follows a simple story line.  Colorful illustrations feature pleasant interaction and dialogue among characters.  
Various commonplace objects in each picture are clearly labeled with their Italian names.
Bonus feature:  Each book opens and folds to form the environment described in its text  A page of punch-out people and objects enables children to "act out" the story!
Collect all 4 titles, and children can build a corner of the city!
What a fun way to practice and learn Italian at any level!
La Libreria
Mr. Inchiostri, in charge of the library, has a surprise today!  A famous author of children's books, Tina Raccontini, is coming to present her new book about jungle adventures!  
Signor Inchiostri is just as excited as the children!
By folding out and setting up Signor Inchiostri's library, young readers can help him find the right books for everyone who visits the library!
Sample text:   Tina legge una storia della giungla e poi i bambini le fanno alcune domande. Uno alla volta, per favore!
Sample vocabulary:  libri  (books),  sedia (chair),  scatole  (boxes),   pianta  (plant)
7.5" x 7.5 " ,  8 pages