Il Supermercato
Il Supermercato Il Supermercato
Delightful board book series invites children to observe a busy day at four important places in any city or town: the supermarket, the library, the doctor's office, and the veterinarian's office!  
Written entirely in Italian with no English translation, the text follows a simple story line.  Colorful illustrations feature pleasant interaction and dialogue among characters.  
Various commonplace objects in each picture are clearly labeled with their Italian names.
Bonus feature:  Each book opens and folds to form the environment described in its text  A page of punch-out people and objects enables children to "act out" the story!
Collect all 4 titles, and children can build a corner of the city!
What a fun way to practice and learn Italian at any level!
l Supermercato
Mrs. Melo owns a supermarket.  Today,  Mrs. Papaveri brings her daughter Caterina and baby Andrea to the store along with a list of things she needs.  With Caterina's help,
items on the list are crossed out and the shopping cart becomes full!
Board Book
7.25" x 7.25 " ,  8 pages
By folding out and setting up Signora Melo's little market, readers can help customers with their shopping!
Sample text:  Caterina vuole aiutare la sua mamma a fare la spesa.
Sample vocabulary:   carrello della spesa (shopping cart),    latte (milk),   burro  (butter),   pachetto di biscotti  (package of cookies)