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Coming to America - The Story of Immigration


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Important Note: This book is about the immigrant experience from all countries (not only about the Italian immigrant experience)

Coming to America

The Story of Immigration

By Betsy Maestro

Illustrated by Susannah Ryan

This picture book is an introductory history of immigration from thousands of years ago through the present, focusing on why different groups of people came to America and how they became a part of our national heritage. The author, Betsy Maestro,  points out that when Christopher Columbus "discovered" the Americas, millions of people were already living on these continents. Different perspectives are incorporated into the text, including the harsh treatment Indians received and the forced immigration of Africans. The various laws that the U. S. has adopted to control immigration are explained. A brief history of Ellis Island is included. The colorful, exuberant watercolors show men, women, and children of all nationalities. A table of dates provides a quick summary of immigration highlights. 


40 pages

9 x 11.25 inches

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