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Il Grande Atlante Degli Animali - Grand Atlas of Animals

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Il Grande Atlante Degli Animali
Written entirely in Italian (No English) this "grand atlas of the animals" is both educational and fun!
Quarter-folded for easy carrying and storage, it opens into a large circular atlas (25 in. diameter!) teeming with colorful drawings of animals native to every continent!
A back pocket holds a small manual (written in Italian) describing the animals depicted on the atlas.
Note:  Many of the Italian names are easily recognizable for non-Italian speakers:  (rinceronte, pinguini, alligatore, etc.)
while others (ornitorinco [duckbill], cinghiale [wild boar], lontra (otter) etc.) require a dictionary.  (But the pictures will help!)
Fun learning for the whole family!
Apri il libro e scopri un mondo di animali!
(Open the book and discover a world of animals!)
Heavy laminated cardboard
25 in. diameter (unfolded)
Includes manual of animal descriptions.
In Italian only. NO ENGLISH.
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