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"Mamma" .925 sterling silver cuff bracelet (Only five left!!)


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    Mamma, la canzone mia più bella sei tu.

...You are my most beautiful song!

    So reads the inscription on our newly-designed .925 sterling silver cuff bracelet.

     Chosen for its simplicity and yet depth of feeling, the line is taken from a song that describes a young immigrant's longing to see his beloved mother in Italy.

     The bond between a mother and child is like no other on earth. Mothers express their unconditional love through words and actions, albeit (and thankfully so!) sometimes stern ones.

     Yet, often our earliest memories include our mother's songs easing us to sleep, assuring us that everything was all right, or would be. That no matter what, we were safe and loved. That we could rest. And dream.

    Mamma, la canzone mia più bella sei tu.

...You are my most beautiful song!

.925 Sterling Silver


Gift box included.

(measures 7" from end to end but flexible to adjust to most size wrists.)

While Cento Designs products are designed to last, proper care is an important part of keeping your jewelry looking it's best. Be sure not to wear your jewelry while cleaning or working with harsh chemicals, in pools or spas, or while playing sports. Store your jewelry individually to keep them from scratching each other. Store sterling silver jewelry with anti-tarnish strips to keep them looking their best. To clean your jewelry, use a warm, soapy water soak and a soft cloth.

Mamma has been sung by vocalists both legendary and contemporary.  One rendition, is sung by Piero Barone, from the Italian group ll Volo (below).


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