Mamma...Ti Voglio Bene! (Mamma...I Love You!)


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Mamma...Ti Voglio Bene! (Mamma...I Love You!)

Mamma Scoiattolo (Squirrel) talks to her scoiattolino (little squirrel) about growing up. He worries that she will be gone from his life, but Mamma reassures him she will always be nearby.

Mamma Koala tells her little one that it's time he begins to walk longer distances on his own and climb trees by himself.  While he longs for her to carry him, he tries very hard.  Even though he doesn't succeed that day, Mamma is proud of his effort.

 Charming board book series (in Italian only) features the endless love and patience of mothers, fathers, grandmas and grandpas as they do what parents and grandparents do best:  teach, protect, comfort, and encourage.

 Each book contains two stories by acclaimed children's author Anna Casalis.  Each story begins with a little one's question (or demand!) and ends with lessons learned and mutual expressions of "Ti voglio bene." ("I love you.")

 Marco Campanella's adorable, true-to-text illustrations depict all characters as animals living at home in forest, farm, and jungle.  Children will enjoy seeing young squirrels, koalas, hedgehogs, ostriches, dogs, bears, beavers, and gorillas learning valuable lessons from their wise and patient elders!

 Board books sold separately.

5.5 in x 5.5 in

12 sturdy pages


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