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E Tu Cosa Mangi? (And What Do You Eat?)


 Delightful new board book “with windows” (Libri Finestrelle) tells an engaging little story in Italian! (No English

The title is a question that’s answered as the story unfolds. 

What fun it is to discover the answers behind windows!

Young children will enjoy the rhyming text on one page and the window or door to open on the next

E Tu Cosa Mangi?  (And What Do You Eat?)

Little Pig (Porcellino) is curious about his friends’ favorite meals!  Just what does everybody like to eat?  One day as he goes along, he discovers what the other animals on the farm like to eat best of all!

 Sample text:

Sotto il sole del mattino

trotterella Porcellino.

Da un capanno rosso e giallo,

vede uscire un bel cavallo.

Si avvicina baldanzoso

e “Cosa mangi? Son curioso!”


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