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Orani, My Father's Village


 By Claire A Nivola

With Orani, acclaimed children's author and illustrator Claire A. Nivola
invites us to her father's birth village on the island of Sardinia.
Beautifully-sculpted text and infinitely-detailed paintings capture the simple pace of Nivola's childhood summers spent miles away from the New York City bustle.
Among her crowd of cousins, life in Orani was savored by the moment; moments honestly shared through words and delightfully loyal illustrations. Claire Nivola leads us down shadowed little streets into the sun-drenched piazza. She wraps us in aromas and tastes, happy noise, and at times respectful silence.  
We'll see the same relatives on multiple pages and can find the young author herself in many a lively scene! Nivola recalls returning "home" at summer's end to the "grid of straight streets" and so many people!
Gazing at their diverse faces, she notes, "What Orani of their own might they have known before they traveled here?"
Reading Orani, My Father's Village, will connect many of us, and our children, to our roots, our own Orani.
Hard cover 
9.5" x 11
36 pages full color
illustrations throughout
for ages 4+
"This shimmering memoir opens a window on the past and invites young readers to climb through it…As families head off this summer to visit relatives or explore other parts of the world, the lyrical text and sun-drenched illustrations of this lovely book make a perfect bon voyage, a graceful reminder to a new generation to remember this time and cherish this place.” --Washington Post

“Nivola is a consummate artist. The work here is heartbreakingly beautiful, with its depictions of the village’s red-tiled roofs and cobbled streets. Its people are alive, and you absolutely know who young Claire is in nearly every spread by her hair, her sandals and her dress. I think children will relish searching for her on each page.” -The New York Times Book Review

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