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C is for Ciao: An Italy Alphabet


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C is for Ciao" An Italy Alphabet

Written by Elissa Grodin and late Governor Mario Cuomo

From its unparalleled achievements in art and architecture (the Sistine Chapel), science and exploration (Galileo Galilei), music and literature (Stradivarius and Dante), the country of Italy has had a lasting and profound impact on the world.

In C is for Ciao: An Italy Alphabet, young readers are invited to explore Italy's rich history, diverse geography, and many traditions. Sumptuous artwork magnifies each letter topic's poem expository text. R is for the city, Rome, whose beauty will astound you. Modern life is bustling while antiquities surround you. Renowned Italians such as Augustus Caesar (first Roman emperor), Amerigo Vespucci (Florentine explorer), and Leonardo da Vinci (Renaissance artist and scientist) come to life alongside stunning monuments, breathtaking scenery, and history-in-the-making moments that have shaped and the world at large.

Governor Mario Cuomo adds a personal message reflecting on his Italian heritage.

Hardcover and dust jacket

For ages 8-12

10" x 11"

40 pages



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