Italian language and culture products for children

Set of six bibs from Palermo, Italy

Mealtimes will be happy times, six in a row!
Colorful bibs, six per pack, are a delightful gift for a new baby.
Each bib is 100% cotton terrycloth and embroidered with a different phrase!
Fun phrases include:
"Sono l'amore del papa."            (I am the love of my papa.)
"Sono l'amore della mamma."         (I am the love of my mamma.)
"Riempimi di baci."           (Fill me up with kisses.)                 
"E pronto la pappa?"                        (Is dinner ready?)
"Voglio tante coccole."    (I want a lot of hugs/cuddles.)
"Belli si nasce."                                (Born beautiful.)                              
Comes packaged in white gift box with clear lid and gold ribbon.
Imported from Palermo, Italy.
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