Italian Children's Market

     Thank you for your desire to foster your child's awareness, appreciation, and pride in his or her Italian heritage.

    As children of Old World parents, we at Italian Children's Market yet feel a connection with the cobbled streets and ancient village soil that harbor our roots. But what about our children and grandchildren?  Separated ever further by time and distance, they are new leaves on branches spanning not only generations of family, but an entire ocean.

     As parents we strive to connect our little leaves with the tree to which they belong, for it is our belief that by knowing our roots we come to more deeply know ourselves.

     And so we asked, "How can we make this happen?"

     The answer came in echoes from the past, through laughter, songs, and stories around our table. Through language!

     Hence the creation of Italian Children's Market, where fun and educational products are carefully selected to guide children of all ages in the discovery of their Italian voice. We sincerely hope that as you browse our store, you'll find just the right toys, clothing, books, CDs, and DVDs to begin your child's journey toward learning and loving the language, the land, and the lore of his ancestors!

Buon' avventura!

Isabella Centofanti

Owner, Italian Children's Market