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Super Tombola Game-Italian Bingo

 Italian Bingo - Tombola Game for Family Fun Tombola is a traditional Italian game for the whole family to play. It is a special Christmas tradition. Get the whole family laughing together with this game for all ages. It is also a good tool for learning Italian numbers and through the names for the numbers, some vocabulary, too.

 The game includes


  • ·        Tombola board with numbers. The numbers are large and easy to see. The card stock is flexible but not flimsy.
  • ·        48 "self-canceling" Tombola cards with with little sliders that cover the numbers. The sliders come in a bag for you to install yourself. It isn't hard, however.
  • ·        90 Tombola numbers in wood. Larger than some sets.
  • ·        Polyester bag to shake the numbers
  •           Instructions in English



Imported from Trieste, Italy


More on the way in approximately 5-7 days (estimated arrival date 11/30-12/02 2014)

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