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Super Tombola Game-Italian Bingo (Mercatino)

 Italian Bingo - Tombola Game for Family Fun Tombola is a traditional Italian game for the whole family to play. It is not only played on Christmas but on New Years, too!. Get the whole family laughing together with this game for all ages. It is also a good tool for learning Italian numbers and through the names for the numbers, some vocabulary, too.

 The game includes


  • ·        Tombola board with numbers. The numbers are large and easy to see. The card stock is flexible but not flimsy.
  • ·        48 "self-canceling" Tombola cards with with little sliders that cover the numbers. The sliders come in a bag for you to install yourself. It isn't hard, however.
  • ·        90 Tombola numbers in wood. Larger than some sets.
  • ·        Polyester bag to shake the numbers
  •           Instructions in English


Imported from Trieste, Italy

Display item.  Box has been opened but all pieces are intact. 



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