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Topo Tip Alphabet Puzzle (Mercatino)

 From Italy!

Popular Italian cartoon character "Topo Tip" (Topo means mouse) helps children learn the alphabet as well as new Italian words. All tiles fit together in order, each depicting a letter of the alphabet, a word, and an illustration corresponding to the word in Italian (A is for Albero (tree), B is for Bottigila (bottle). 

In addition, beautiful illustrations by Marco Campanello interact with the alphabet in a fun way, allowing children to memorize the shape of the letters and attaching the letters to the words and objects.

 The set is packaged in a colorful, sturdy box (9" X 7 " x 4"), making it a great gift and learning tool to introduce children to the alphabet and new words in Italian.

 This item is being discontinued in our store.



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